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  • Dariel

    Bonjour Emilie, Un très très beau voyage ! Ce que nous avons pr…

    Bonjour Emilie, Un très très beau voyage ! Ce que nous avons préféré : les deux jours au lac Inlé avec l'image incontournable des pêcheurs, la découverte des nombreux artisanats de cette région et des villages sur pilotis. A recommander aussi le survol de Bagan en ballon au lever du jour, c'est vraiment magnifique. Nous avons bien aimé aussi le tour en calèche à Ava et U Bein bridge. A Yangon Shwedagon, les anciens quartiers coloniaux et Scott market. Les Birmans sont des gens charmants et très gentils. Seul petit bémol : La "croisière" en bateau Mandalay - Bagan qui était un peu longue et monotone. Les quatre guides étaient très bien aussi (en particulier Ma Soe au lac Inle). Les hôtels, c'est allé crescendo tout au long du voyage, le mieux étant bien sur le Sky lake Inle resort. Donc oui, nos vacances en Birmanie se sont très bien passées. Merci. Cordialement. Antoinette
  • Richard

    Happy New Year to you also, Emelie The trip was great! Fascin…

    Happy New Year to you also, Emelie The trip was great! Fascinating country and lovely people. Everything went very smoothly and the hotels and guides were very good. If I were doing it again, I'd take longer as the succession of very early starts was difficult.
  • Sigrun

    Dear Emilie, We arrived back yesterday morning after a wonderfu…

    Dear Emilie, We arrived back yesterday morning after a wonderful holiday!!!! Thank you so very much for organizing this for us!! We did see most of the sights in the itinerary but played it a little by ear since it got very hot during the middle of the day, went up to 42 degrees in Bagan. The guides were all extremely nice and very knowledgable. In fact, all the people we dealt with were fantastic. It was fun to be in Burma during the Water Festival and the New Year. Since this is the hottest time of year the place wasn't flooded with tourists which was great! I would recommend going at this time. We got up early, saw some sights, had a siesta in the middle of the day and went out again around 4:30. The Paukan Cruise was only brilliant. We did the cruise from Mandalay to Bagan which is down river so it only took one day (and one night). We sailed in the morning, had a wonderful buffet lunch and relaxed till about 4 o'clock when the boat stopped at a pottery village which we explored. Then back to the boat for a rest followed by drinks and a formal dinner. The boat takes about 60 people but we were only 16 so we were exceptionally well looked after. I highly recommend this cruise. There was a short cruise scheduled when we were in Bagan but we decided not to go since we had done the boat trip from Mandalay. In stead we had a look at some more temples. Inle lake was particularly fun since the water festival started when we where there. We got very wet and had lots of laughs, fighting of water with large umbrellas. There were very few people at Ngapali. We learned that some foreign travel agencies refused to book people in there because of the unrest in the state. This was great for us. The troubles are all concentrated in the north of the state near the Bangladesh border so it didn't affect us at all. We loved all the hotels and I would highly recommend them all. The Governor's Residence was particularly nice and we loved our villa at the Sandoway Resort. I would happily go there again. There was only one thing and please don't think that I am complaining for I am not. Somehow your partner thought we were arriving on a MU flight from China so when we arrived there was nobody at the exit to greet us. We went to the welcome desk at the airport and asked them if they knew if there was a guide from the agency there. They said yes that there was a lady waiting for a plane and went to get her. It turned out to be our guide who had been given the wrong info. After that everything was perfect. She had all our vouchers and flight tickets for the whole trip and gave them to us in the evening. This guide was excellent like all the others and it wasn't her fault that she had been given the wrong info. If there is anything else you would like to know please ask and I will do my best to answer. We are already being asked who organized the trip for us so I am sure that our friends will contact you in the future. View from our Sandoway villa out to the bay of Bengal. We even had our own beds and a parasol on the beach!! All the best and again many thanks. Sigrun
  • Rosemarie

    Dear Emilie, we really had a nice trip in Myanmar! It is a grea…

    Dear Emilie, we really had a nice trip in Myanmar! It is a great country and the Myanmar people are very kindly. Everything was well organized, the guides were friendly and the hotels were good. The hotel in Ngapali was fantastic, the best resort we ever had! We are so fascinated by this country and would do this travel again!!!

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